Well Done!

A big well done to Louise Jones who came 2nd place and Jo Green who came 6th at area 19 Dressage.



Congratulations to Louise Jones & Pia on Qualifying for the BRC Medium Adv Dressage to Music Championship at Bury Farm in September. Well done to you both. Much appreciation to you for your efforts and support with SBRC in the Dressage discipline. You & Pia gave excellent rides/ scores in both Medium and Med Adv tests at St.Leonards for the Area 19 Qualifier. It was a joy to watch you both. 


 Area 19 Dressage Quals Rider Placings

Louise & Pia rode 2 very good tests, one Meduim & one Medium Advanced to Music.

It was a lovely day. Good weather. Well organised and kept to time.


Intermediate Dressage Qualifier Results

Andrea and Stan scored a 68.7% and was 12th in the Prelim 14 (2006).

Louise Jones and Utopia Vll Medium test 68.4% 7th place

Louise Jones and Utopia Vll Advanced Medium test 64.3% 2nd place.



BRC re Training and Events 

Please click this link for more information.



Winter Intermediate Area 19 Qualifier Results

A thank you to Louise Jones and Pia for representing the Club at the Winter Intermediate Area 19 Qualifier, achieving 2nd place with a score of 68% in the Medium 71 Dressage Test.

Well done.

Andrea Newton and Stanley competed in the Prelim 7 test gaining a score of 62.73%.

Future Area 19 Qualifiers to be held in Feb: Winter Dressage 5th Feb & Novice SJ Feb 19th 2017. Contact Andrea Newton.



Results from the SBRC Open Dressage at The Brook Sunday 16th Oct.

Intro A:

1st Debbie Mumford, Ladybird, 74.6%

2nd Bryony Francis, Stanley, 65.7%

3rd Liz Lavers, Dolly, 65.2%

Intro C:

1st Debbie Mumford, Ladybird, 73%

2nd Abby Johns, Southeby, 66.5%

3rd Liz Lavers, Dolly, 64.3%

Prelim 4:

1st Dierdre Boulter, Whizz, 67.9%

2nd Abby Johns, Southeby, 59.1%

Prelim 14:

1st Andrea Newton, Stanley, 66.9%

2nd Dierdre Boulter, Whizz, 66.5%

Novice 32:

1st Andrea Newton, Stanley, 67.9%

Best Turned Out: Abby Joanna Johns, Southeby.

On behalf of SBRC, Thku to Peggy Douglas for hire of The Brook, Judge, Margaret Bishop, Writer Debbie Carr, Caller, Maddie Nicci Walke, all Helpers and Competitors on the day.




Louise Jones has Qualified to go to the BRC Championship in Lincolnshire in the Meduim Elementary Dressage Section.

We would like to wish her and her Mare All the best. 



The Fashion Show

The fashion show which we organised with Redpost Equestrian was a great success. You may be interested to know that if you visit the cafe at Redpost, there is promotional film and pictures of the show which you can ask to see played.......really good!

Janet (Watts), on behalf of SBRC



Membership Renewal

Just to remind you that the renewal of your membership of SBRC should be paid by March 1st, 2016. The renewal fee is £20.00 (renewals after this date £25.00)

Cheque (made payable to South Brent Riding Club): Please send to Janet Watts, Higher Coombe Cottage, Diptford, Totnes. TQ9 7NP

Payment may be made by BACS:

Account number: 00152942

Sort code: 30-94-58


Would you also please notify me, as membership secretary, at n-watts1@sky.com or text at 07779157275

Thanks, Janet Watts




Please click here for the FAQ document and hat requirements for 2016. All BRC members will be required to wear a hat to the correct standard from 1 Jan 2016, when taking part in BRC activities. This will also apply to any non members who may take part too.



Christmas Gymkhana - Sunday 13th December

The SBRC annual Christmas gymkhana was held on Sunday December 13th, at Lower Downstow (by kind permission of the Hayter family). Mulled wine, mince pies and chocolate log slices were served by Neil & Janet)...delicious!

Turnout was less than expected, so as well as the horse events, we did some dog jumping to extend it to a 'dog gymkhana', plus some brave (people!!!!) ie competitors and visitors did some jumping and racing.

Thanks to all of those who helped set up, explain and organise the events and races. Stephanie Treeby won the gymkhana events and Georgina Guy the best fancy dress. Look at the costumes they chose for themselves and their horses....great!


Dressage and Debrief Results - Sunday 18th October

Here are the results of the Dressage debrief held on Sunday 18th October 2015.

Intro A
1st Rita Bull 76.7%
2nd Steph Treby 68.3%
3rd Leanne Letham-King 66.5%
4th Rachel Barstow 56.3%
5th Rachel Barstow 55.6%

Prelim 7
1st Leanne Letham-King 69.5%
Best Turned Out - Leanne Letham-King
Best Veteran Horse - Rita Bull 

Dressage Competion - Sunday 5th July

Christmas Gymkhana - Sunday 14th December

South Brent RC held its annual Christmas gymkhana on Sunday, December 14th at Lower Downstow (by kind permission of Roy Hayter - thank you Roy and family for being so supportive of the Club).

Great fun for all! Neil and Janet Watts did mulled wine and mince pies for us all ....delicious . Events were all the usual 'gymkhana' ones ....everything from bending to potato and spoon....yes, it was the Riding Club, not the Pony Club!

All four who entered -Caroline Devenish, Sarah Hall, Carolyn Owen and Steph Treeby came in fancy dress - they looked great. Fairy lights in the horses' manes, some of them even with flashing lights; but Steph Treeby's was especially brilliant; it included pink 'hoof varnish' for her pony !

Two of our expected entries were unable to come, but all who came said it was a great afternoon, lots of fun, and really good value at £6.00 'all in' , including wine and mince pies.

Many thanks also to Richard and Yvonne Eastmond, who with the help of several club members or friends, laid out the various courses and equipment for each race.

We hope to run it again next year - it has become quite a 'tradition' for the Club. Hope you enjoy the photos our thanks to Maggie Arden for these.'

Winter Dressage & Debiref Placings

Congratulations to the SBRC members who have taken part and supported the Winter 2013/2014 Dressage & Debrief Sessions this year. The Scores for the Series are as listed.

Overall Series Placings Score D&D Sessions
1st Caroline Devenish 35 4
2nd  Maggie Arden 22 3
3rd Louise Creber 20 2
4th Shona Morton 18 2
5th Yvonne Eastmond 14 2
6th Louise Swaine 12 2
7th Carolyn Owen 10 2
8th Janet Watts 7 2
9th Kerry Warren-Blackwell 6 1
Gill Vincent 6 1
Dom Perry-Castle 6 1

A very big thank you to the Judges; Louise Jones and Margaret Bishop for offering us their precious time to come and watch our riders and horses take part in the riding of the various Dressage Tests offered during this series and for providing each rider with very important and constructive feedback. This encouragement inspires each of us to keep up the hard work and training during the cold, wet winter months, fuelling our aims for the Spring and Summer.

Further ‘Thanks’ go to Liz Lavers and the lovely ladies who help to organise the Sessions, write the comments and scores for the Judges and for help setting up the arena and Judges area.

SBRC extends it’s ‘ever grateful’ thanks to Lower Downstow Farm for the use of their Indoor School throughout the year, but especially over the winter months and for their continued and very kind support of the Riding Club over many years.

We all look forward to seeing many more of you at this years Winter 2014/2015 Dressage & Debrief Series:

18th January 2015 - Intro B (2009), Prelim 4 (2002), Prelim 7 (2002) Judge: Rosemary Seel

22nd February 2015 - Intro A (2008), Prelim 12 (2005), Prelim 1 (2006) Judge: TBC

22nd March 2015 - Intro B (2009), Prelim 14 (2006), Prelim 7 (2002) Judge: Rosemary Seel

19th April 2015 - Intro A (2008), Prelim 4 (2002), Prelim 1 (2006) Judge: TBC



XC Clinic - Saturday 3rd May

We couldn't have asked for a better day for our XC schooling clinic with Louise Sharpe at Longwood Stables course, Two Mile Oak attended by SBRC members: Louise C, Julie B, Kelly B, Shona M & Eleanor B. This has got us thinking about a camp somewhere...

4th Winter Series Dressage & Debrief - Sunday 23rd March

A lovely afternoon at the third SBRC Winter Dressage & Debrief Series at Lower Downstow Farm.

Intro B
1st Yvonne Eastman 69.13%
2nd Shona Morton 67.74%
3rd Gill Vincent 66.08%
4th Caroline Devenish 65.22%
5th Janet Watts 64.48%

Prelim 12 
1st Dominque Castle 74.41%
2nd Caroline Devenish 67.60%
3rd Shona Morton 67.60%
4th Yvonne Eastman 66.40%
5th Gill Vincent 64.40%
6th Janet Watts 63.02%
Best turned out Dominque Castle
Best veteran Jake ridden by Janet Watts



3rd Winter Series Dressage & Debrief - Sunday 23rd February

Another great afternoon at the third SBRC Winter Dressage & Debrief Series at Lower Downstow Farm.

Intro A
Louise Creber 6pts 77.82%
Caroline Devenish 5pts 67.39%
Shona Morton 4pts 66.95%
Janet Watts 3pts 63.91%
Maggie Arden 2pts 63.04%
Prelim 10
Kerry Warren-Blackwell 6pts 66.95%
Shona Morton 5pts 66.52%
Caroline Devenish 4pts 65.21%
Louise Creber 3pts 64.78%
Maggie Arden 2pts 61.73%
Janet Watts 1pt 59.56%
Best Turned Out
Kerry W-B
Best Veteran
Janet and Jake (18yrs)







2nd Winter Series Dressage & Debrief - Sunday 26th January

Great afternoon at the second SBRC Winter Dressage & Debrief Series at Lower Downstow Farm.

Intro B
1st Caroline Devenish 6pts 64.34%
2nd Louise Creber 5pts 63.04%
3rd Maggie Arden 4pts 62.17%
4th Louise Swaine 3pts 55.65%
5th Carolyn Owen 2pts 54.34%

Prelim 14


1st Louise Creber 6pts 64.58%
2nd Lisa Wookey 5pts 64.16%
3rd Caroline Devenish 4pts 62.50%
4th Maggie Arden 3pts 61.25%
5th Carolyn Owen 2pts 60.42%
6th Louise Swaine 1pt 55%


Christmas Fancy Dress Gymkhana, 15th December

A good time was had by all, as ever! Everyone came in Christmas themed fancy dress, with a ‘first'…….flashing fairy lights plaited into a horse's mane!

Neil and Janet did some delicious mulled wine and mince pies, which were served during the interval. We were certainly glad that we had the use of Lower Downstow indoor school (warmest thanks to Roy Hayter) as the rain was torrential and continuous!

Richard organised the events, and as there were five riders, we had to do most events in ‘heats' and then a ‘final'.

The afternoon ended with a ‘Chase me Charlie' which the horses seemed to love.

Results were -

Gymkhana Scores on Accumulation from heats in each race:

Penny Hind and Shadow 1st with 26 pts

Sarah Hall and BH 2nd with 19 pts

Maggie Arden and Junus 3rd with 18 pts

Steph Treeby and Sox 4th with 12 pts

Caroline Owens and Ben 5th with 7 pts.

Chase Me Charlie was won by Sarah Hall and BH.


Dressage & Debrief - Sunday 17th November

Great afternoon at the first SBRC Winter Dressage & Debrief Series at Lower Downstow Farm.

In Intro A Test:

Caroline Owen 1st

Maggie Arden 2nd

Louise Swaine 3rd

Caroline Devenish 4th

Yvonne Eastmond 5th

In Prelim 7:

Maggie Arden 1st

Caroline Devenish 2nd

Louise Swaine 3rd

Yvonne Eastmond 4th

Points will accumulate through the Winter Series. Well done to all who took part and helped out.

We look forward to the next event on Sunday 26th January.


This one is of Maggie Arden and Juno.  He is a Morgan and is driven too.  Maggie was demonstrating, using the word Park, to command him to stand in the stretched outline behind, which is characteristic of the Morgans.  So clever.  Maggie also got a rosette for Best Turned Out.


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